Manko Security (Pvt) Ltd was established in the year 2004 with the sole intention of providing premium security services to selected high profile clients. We are a high-profile security company, employing ex-servicemen with impeccable credentials. Our security officers are handpicked and are employed after their retirement from respective defense establishments on completion of their initial compulsory service who are still under the 55 years of age.  Naturally we possess a team of matured responsible individuals abide by a code of moral ethics who perform their duties with a high sense of commitment in providing civil security. It is with honor we announce that security needs of nearly 200 reputed, government and private companies are catered by Manko Security (Pvt) Ltd.

The competitive advantage of Manko Security (Pvt) Ltd lies with its providing of highly professional and courteous security. Its management is headed by experts and the workforce is well trained and highly disciplined. Most of the Manko Security (Pvt) Ltd staff is ex-Armed Services and Police personnel who have long term experience in the combat and providing personal bodyguard duties to top government officials. Manko Security (Pvt) Ltd also has established very cordial relationship with the Police and the Ministry of Defense.

Manko assures all its service providers are trustworthy and as such they could be employed on any task to meet customer demand upon current industrial standards. 

Manko ensures that all its customers receive the best return on their investment on multiplicity of their security demands with trust over its protective services that will be carried out with utmost dedication, integrity and vigilance. Manko is fully licensed, bonded and insured which provides exceptional services 24 hours a day irrespective of Government and Mercantile holiday

"PRIDE" Values

  • Professional behaviour – Showing compassion for others; responding appropriately to the emotional response of customers and staff.
  • Respect – Demonstrating respect for others.
  • Integrity – Having strong ethical or moral principles and following them at all times, no matter who’s watching. 
  • Daring –  To be bold and adventurous.
  • Excellence –  Quality of excelling, of being truly the best at what we do.
Manko Security Pvt Ltd - About Us

Vision & Mission


Provide World class security solutions to build a peaceful society.


Contributing to build a peaceful society by adopting to Industry 4.0 amidst ensuring the high quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the service provided while developing the living standards of our employees.

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