Internal & Private Investigations

Internal & Private Investigations

Manko, as the best security services in Sri Lanka, provides Private detectives and investigators offer protection services, pre-employment screening, and investigating peoples’ backgrounds.

Some investigate identity theft, cyber harassment, and copyright violations. They assist during criminal and civil cases, insurance fraud, missing person investigations, and child protection and custody disputes. When a company is suspected of misbehavior or white-collar crime, it is common to employ fraud examiners from a law firm or an accounting firm to undertake an internal investigation. In the same way that a police investigation is about recreating the past, a private investigation is about reconstructing the past Events that have occurred in the past and the order in which they have occurred Investigators may analyze prior occurrences, but they should refrain from making particular judgements or findings. In democratic nations when the criminal justice system is in place to conduct a fair trial with defense, privatization of law enforcement should be avoided.

Other restrictions relate to the role of fraud examiners, which can occasionally go beyond inquiry and into prosecution and punishment. Some private investigators, for example, conclude in their reports that there is misbehavior but no crime, thereby clearing their client who paid for the inquiry. While this is a desirable outcome for the customer, it is not acceptable.

Private internal Investigation

The goal of a fraud examiner’s internal inquiry is to recreate the past. The past might be a single event or a sequence of events in which someone, for example, did something to someone else. The majority of events are bad and have caused some harm. The purpose of an inquiry is to learn the truth about a situation. The ultimate objective is to get to the truth about the problem. The objective might alternatively be to prevent a problem from happening in the first place or from happening again. Of course, there is nothing to examine if there was no occurrence. Fraud awareness as a preventative measure and fraud investigations can be done separately and with distinct goals.

An internal investigation’s goal is to establish the points to prove and then gather documentary, interview-based, and other evidence that either supports or disproves these claims. These findings, as well as the information that supports them, are documented in a report that should be reviewed by a person or individuals who are not involved in the investigation. Private investigators can investigate for potential corrupt or otherwise criminal actions within an agency or organization in general, or more particularly for people committing potential white-collar crime, depending on what the hiring parties request. In other cases, private investigators are tasked with looking into suspected instances of financial wrongdoing so that the government can intervene.

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