Colonel (Rtd) Maneesha De silva RWP – Chairman

Colonel (Rtd) Maneesha De silva RWP – Chairman

Colonel (Rtd) Maneesha De Silva RWP, being an “officer and gentlemen” under the motto “Swift and Bold” of Singha Regiment, has served majority of his 27 year military career in the frontline battlefields of Sri Lanka Army while holding appointments in different capacities.

Col.Maneesha has served in Special Force of Sri Lanka Army as well during when subversive actions embraced in many parts of the island in North and East upon creating fear psychosis among community irrespective of caste, creed, religion, etc.

He actively participated in almost all offensive operations conducted against LTTE during his tenure in the army and during final phase of humanitarian operations conducted against LTTE, he commanded 592 Infantry Brigade till to the end of LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka in 2009.

Colonel De Silva has exposed himself to many local and abroad courses during his career in which he secured Diploma in IHL & HR (SL), Diploma in Senior Man Management in India and International Defense Management (USA) . His valiant service has been commended from time to time by the army through awarding numerous gallantry medals

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